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    Enough as You Are by Peggy Weber - image of book cover and author

    An Examen of Quiet

    Give thanks. Thank the Lord for all that you see and hear. And then thank the Lord for moments of quiet, brief though many may...
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    Good Habits and the Examen

    Praying the Examen is a good habit to establish. Every day, you review the day, notice where and how God was present, and notice...
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    One Favorite Prayer: The Examen

    Editor’s note: We’ve been having fun celebrating the 10th anniversary of IgnatianSpirituality.com. The fun will continue throughout July with our 10th-annual 31 Days with...
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    The MicroShifts Examen

    Author Gary Jansen recommends approaching personal transformation by making “small change in the way you look at the world or in the way you...
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    On the Examen

    This post is based on Week Two of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. I first encountered the Daily Examen—the five-step prayer of St. Ignatius, which aims...

    How the Examen Made Me Smile at the Mailbox

    My son recently developed a new fascination with the mailbox. “Mom, how do I get a letter from me to someone else?” he asked...
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    Wisdom Story Examen

    We are quite accustomed to hearing wisdom sayings, such as those found in the book of Proverbs or what we look for in a...
    Examen - steps as outlined in "Ignatian Spirituality A to Z"

    The Wisdom App

    Have you heard about the app that turns you into a happier, more grateful person, that makes you feel more balanced and peaceful, and...
    An Examen for Times of Illness - words over image of someone taking blood pressure of a patient

    An Examen for Times of Illness

    Physical illness, whether chronic or acute, can render us too distracted and exhausted to keep up with normal activities, among them prayer. Not only...
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    Reviewing the Feelings of Our Day

    Reviewing the events of our day, either to thank God or to know our sins, is familiar enough. Reviewing the feelings that those events...