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    Praying the Examen

    Becky Eldredge shares with Paul Brian Campbell, SJ, why she loves praying the Examen.
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    A Way to Pray the Examen

    I love the daily Examen.  It's a simple, life-changing prayer, and I'm always interested in  the ways people adapt it to suit their own...
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    An Examen for Busy People

    Our friends at Busted Halo have published an attractive six-step Examen, the prayer method that everyone can use. We have much material on the...
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    Daily Examen for Busy Business People

    Randy Hain, a businessman in Atlanta, finds time for prayer and reflection by praying the Examen throughout the day.  Here is how it looks...
    A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer by Jim Manney

    The Christian Problem

    One day I was riding a subway in New York City engaging in my favorite New York pastime—people-watching. You can really study people in...

    The Examen at Tax Time

    I've long maintained that anyone can pray the daily examen at any time--even at awkward, stressful times, like sitting in traffic jam or standing...

    It’s Examen Week

    Tuesday you saw me talk about the examen in a short video.  Today you can read blog posts about the examen by a Presbyterian...
    An Ignatian Prayer Adventure online retreat

    The History of One Day

    You can look at the day you just lived through, and notice certain things. The physical: What did you see? What did you hear? Taste?...
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    The Examen Is One of My Favorite Prayers

    In this second week of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure, we're reflecting on finding God in all things and looking at how the Examen can...
    Finding God in All Things - text overlaid on heart

    Finding God in All Things

    The Examen is a simple form for “checking in” daily with God. It's a review of your day, by which you observe how you...