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    puzzle pieces

    Puzzle Pieces and the Examen

    Below is the text from the video, an excerpt from my new book, Busy Lives & Restless Souls: How Prayer Can Help You Find...
    Beatitudes Examen - baby snuggled with mother

    The Beatitudes Examen

    If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know about the Examen, a prayer designed to help a person make a daily review...
    family praying around holiday table

    The Examen and Holiday Family Times

    This time of year brings many family gatherings. Have you thought about how prayer—specifically the Examen—can help you appreciate, grow, or heal your relationships? Andy...
    wrapped gift

    What Gifts We Notice in the Examen

    How does a person develop a thankful heart? It starts with having an attitude of gratitude. The Examen is a powerful prayer tool to...
    couple praying together

    Five Ways the Examen Can Play a Role in Marriage

    I remain thankful for all who taught me Ignatian spirituality. It is not only the spirituality that guides my relationship with God, but it...
    teatime supplies

    The Challenge of the Examen

    L. White, who blogs as the “Still Practising Catholic,” experimented with prayer journaling the Examen. She found it challenging to notice areas of her...
    American money

    The Money Examen

    Who knew that St. Ignatius, aside from being a battlefield warrior, a prolific letter-writer, and a spiritual genius, also left wisdom for financial situations?...
    Rock-Bottom Blessings by Karen Beattie

    The Examen Can Change Your Life

    Karen Beattie writes at Aleteia’s For Her about “The Daily Prayer That Can Change Your Life,” which happens to be the Examen. At the time,...

    Football and the Examen

    I am a huge football fan. When my team is playing, I am dressed in team colors and cheering with great enthusiasm. I go...

    What the Examen Has in Common with Sports Commentary

    As I was writing the Olympics post, it struck me that the Examen prayer has much in common with sports commentary. One version of the...