I Saw You Today

On Sundays we ask our Ignatian Spirituality Facebook community where they have found God during the week. Gary Thomas shares his response: As I rode my bicycle to work today, I became aware of all the ways God is present. I wrote this little reflection in response to God’s presence. I saw you today, in the faces of children waiting for the school bus in the bus carrying them to school. I saw you today […]

Living “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam”

I remember the summer my father received his personalized “AMDG” license plates. He was so excited. A second-generation Jesuit grad, my dad is all about living Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. My high school friends saw the new plates and asked, “What does ‘AMDG’ mean?” Not knowing exactly how to define it at the time, I would just reply with the literal translation. “It means, all for the greater glory of God.” It wasn’t until I […]

May the God of Surprises Delight You

May the God of Surprises delight you, inviting you to accept gifts not yet imagined. May the God of Transformation call you, opening you to continual renewal. May the God of Justice confront you, daring you to see the world through God’s eyes. May the God of Abundance affirm you, nudging you towards deeper trust. May the God of Embrace hold you, encircling you in the hearth of God’s home. May the God of Hopefulness […]

God Came to Tea

God came and sat down with me. I asked God to tea. God sat there in the kitchen and smiled at me. But I stumbled and mumbled, afraid just to speak. It was my invitation, yet how could this be? I poured God some tea and started to cry. God patiently waited, but finally asked why. I couldn’t begin, I was afraid just to start. What could I say, since God knows my heart? Do […]

Encountering God in the Unexpected

We asked a few readers to share with us where they encountered God in the unexpected. Today and tomorrow we highlight their responses. I Found God in the Finding of Me Unclothed, unprotected, Touched by unloving, Uncared for in my need, I was Nothing. Rich men grab at what they lack; Poverty lowers the hand. Poor as I was, I sat, Unconsoled, unexpectant. Alone. As a blind woman senses a friend in the room, I […]

Praying with Poetry

Explore Faith suggests a process for praying with poetry. Several poems are on the site, but the method will work with any poem. Here’s the process next to “Otherwise,” by Jane Kenyon. One of the steps suggests journaling responses to various prompts, including “If I were to paint a picture about this poem I would include [in] my work of art”¦” Have you ever prayed with poetry or works of art? What has been your […]

The Red Machine on the Wall

Greg Kennedy, SJ, shared an Advent poem on the igNation blog. Here’s a taste. We’ve all taken numbers from the red machine on the wall. Above, red periods on a screen combine into figures that put our time in its place; we wait and wait efficiently.

Possible Answers to Prayer

A poem by Scott Cairns: Your petitions—though they continue to bear just the one signature—have been duly recorded. Your anxieties—despite their constant, relatively narrow scope and inadvertent entertainment value—nonetheless serve to bring your person vividly to mind. Your repentance—all but obscured beneath a burgeoning, yellow fog of frankly more conspicuous resentment—is sufficient. Your intermittent concern for the sick, the suffering, the needy poor is sometimes recognizable to me, if not to them. Go here for […]

Why We Pray

A thoughtful poem by Philip Chircop, SJ: We pray today and every day not to change the mind of God but to change our mind that we may wake up and choose life over death blessing over curse We pray today and every day not to change the mind of God but that we may awake from our slumber and see, bidding farewell to our dangerous myopic visions dropping our blinders Go here for the […]

What Tears Mean

Every once in a while a great writer describes an experience that you know is universal and is nearly beyond words.  This short reading by Frederick Buechner is one of those times.  It reaches a deep place where wisdom dwells.  (Click here to watch it on YouTube.)  H/T to Jon Sweeney.

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