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    reflective man sitting near water


    There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom, between someone who’s a brain and someone to whom we bring our pain. Someone wise does...
    Three Reasons It's Hard to Be Still - text on background of green swirls

    Three Reasons It’s Hard to Be Still

    We have been conditioned to feel guilty whenever we are not “productive.”Stillness, even for the purpose of rest or prayer, can feel like wasted...
    magi at the manger

    The Magi and Contemplation

    When the magi see the star and come to visit the Christ Child, they see the baby and fall down and worship God’s presence...
    Advent wreath next to words: 3 Characteristics of Advent Waiting

    Three Characteristics of Advent Waiting

    Advent is a time of waiting. But not all kinds of waiting are alike. In Advent, we wait in a special way. 1. Advent waiting...
    boys sitting in silent prayer

    Quiet for Three Minutes

    I whisper that we are going to be quiet for three minutes and listen. I set the timer on my phone and let my...
    5 Easy Ways to Build Prayer into Your Day - words against a background of an entryway with shoes at the door

    Five Easy Ways to Build Prayer into Your Day

    Too busy to pray? Here are five easy ways to build a little prayer into the day. Try a “mini Examen” just before lunch,...
    anxious person

    An Anxious Person’s Prayer

    How can I pray when I’m anxious? That is, how is it possible to pray when anxiety fills my person? How might I go...
    light in sky

    God Is There All the Time

    Becoming aware that we have been divinized by Jesus Christ, invited into the Trinity family, is a felt realization of the numinous presence of...
    St. Ignatius walking - 4 principles of pilgrimage

    Four Principles of Pilgrimage

    We have taken a rather brisk tour through the life of St. Ignatius during the past few weeks, following the pilgrimage that is his...
    person and bike stuck in snow

    How to Get Unstuck

    I believe that one of the biggest obstacles to a person living her values is the ease at which we get stuck on any...