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    Work That Matters

    I used to get so frustrated at all the small, routine bits of work I must do just to maintain existence—cleaning, cooking, sorting/filing, and...
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    Praying the O Antiphons

    “O Emmanuel. O God with us.” This is the “O Antiphon,” one of seven, with which we are most familiar, sung in that marvelous...
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    Sacred Time

    This weekend the Church begins its observance of Advent. He is coming! I marvel at the way the Church has, over its history, sought to...
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    Invitations to More

    We have arrived at that time of the year when planners like me make lists upon lists. Right now, I’ve got my final Thanksgiving...
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    Five Ways to Relate to Family Members Spiritually

    It can be quite difficult to express personal spirituality in family situations that are not particularly friendly toward religion. Especially if a family has...
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    Growing My Trust in God

    One day as I was walking down a busy sidewalk, I noticed that the crowd could be divided into two camps. There were those...
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    Finding God in the Present Moment

    I know a woman who used to watch the news religiously. She would get caught up in the latest mandate, scandal, or expose until...
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    On Patience

    When I hear the word saint, the first image that comes to my mind is not some Carmelite nun kneeling in a darkened chapel...
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    Beholding the Moment

    I’m reading through essays that my students have submitted in response to the assignment to spend one hour in nature, undisturbed by phones or...
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    Seven Ignatian Tips for Moving Forward in Uncertain Times

    I just feel unsettled. I’m undecided. I don’t know what to do. I keep hearing the same sentiments from friends, and I get it. We were...