When God Sings through Your Life

Try to imagine God singing through your soul. God is expressing love, wisdom, beauty, and truth through your specific life.

What would God’s vocabulary be? What words frequently show up in your conversation, in your thoughts? Are they words with a distinctive accent? What region of the country or the world is evident in your words and the way you speak them?

What kinds of work does God work through, using your life? What do you do for a living? At what activities and skills do you excel? What do you do for fun? What are your hobbies? God will be expressing divine life through all of these things.

What personality traits will be at God’s disposal as God works through your life? What sets you apart from other people? What traits do others enjoy, and which of your characteristics can challenge people sometimes?

What do you really enjoy? What do you savor? How will God use these loves and pleasures?

What are your struggles? What are your big questions? God will use them all as raw material.

So, what’s it like when God sings through you, expresses wisdom through you, loves through you?


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