Following Dreams

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Eric A. Clayton, author of Cannonball Moments, shares words of wisdom his grandmother shared with him and some of the questions those words made him consider:

How am I living my life in such a way so that others can dream big dreams and follow those dreams? How am I creating space of welcome? How am I being present to those around me? How am I walking with others towards their dreams, towards God’s dream?

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  1. Thanks Eric. Grand parents and the elderly – truly like your grand mom are Wisdom Banks. They have brought the Planet our Common Home, thus far. They like to share their wisdom with the young and the restless. Adding life to the life span of the Planet has been their firm belief. Long live the memory of their heroic discipline and life-protecting, life-promoting, and life-enhancing contribution.

  2. Spot on….we can’t be selfish with our blessings wrought by pursuing dreams. God wants us to share His ‘bigness’ with everyone and draw them to Him who alone fully satisfies.


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