Wise Thoughts for the Graduate—and for the Rest of Us Too

In this graduation season, we share some wise and hopeful words from the late Lisa-Marie Calderone-Stewart, in I Wasn’t Dead When I Wrote This: Advice Given in the Nick of Time: If you still think everything seems hopeless, I invite you to do a simple exercise. On one side of a piece of paper, try listing all the problematic issues you can think of—things like hunger and poverty and sickness and homelessness and bullying and […]

Mom’s Wisdom

My mom always said, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” This is a mantra of my youth that tumbles as easily out of my mouth as reciting the Our Father. Like so many family sayings, these words are already making their way down to another generation, as I often catch myself saying the phrase to my own children. I chuckle when I hear one of my kids say to another, “Treat me […]

Wisdom Days

Fridays have become Wisdom Days. I will be 60 in a few weeks and after 38 years of working full-time, I asked my boss/friend/work partner if I could reduce to working four days a week. Since August 1, I have been taking off every Friday. Before my first day off even came up, I found myself sitting in a discussion group with a Jesuit who was visiting campus. “What are you going to do with […]

When God Sings through Your Life

Try to imagine God singing through your soul. God is expressing love, wisdom, beauty, and truth through your specific life. What would God’s vocabulary be? What words frequently show up in your conversation, in your thoughts? Are they words with a distinctive accent? What region of the country or the world is evident in your words and the way you speak them? What kinds of work does God work through, using your life? What do […]