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    When God Sings Through Your Life

    Try to imagine God singing through your soul. God is expressing love, wisdom, beauty, and truth through your specific life. What would God's vocabulary be?...
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    Stay Hydrated

    This morning as I chatted with a parking garage guard at my workplace, he amiably said, “Stay hydrated. It’s hot out there.” As I...
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    How to Find Our Souls and See Things Anew

    Editor’s note: Throughout July, we’re hosting 31 Days with St. Ignatius, a month-long celebration of Ignatian spirituality. In addition to the calendar of Ignatian articles found...
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    Exercising with God

    Sit-ups, leg lifts, and squats: how can I pray at all times when I’m supposed to be exercising? I wonder how the people in Thessalonica...
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    Four Ways Ignatian Spirituality Helps Us Stay on an Even Keel

    We live in unsettling times; war, disease, political conflict, and even turbulent weather can feel disquieting. How can we stay on an even keel...
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    Eager to Reach Out and Touch Faith

    I was running late for Mass. That’s not terribly uncommon in my life, as getting two little girls out the door early on a Sunday...
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    Why God Makes Us Wait

    I have heard that God always answers prayer. Sometimes the answer is “Yes.” Sometimes it is “No.” And sometimes it is “Wait.” There was a...
    Braving the Thin Places Lenten Read-Along - text above image of Julianne Stanz, author, and her book

    A Celtic Approach to Holy Week

    As Lent gives way to Holy Week, we approach this most sacred time of year with a sense of anticipation, awe, and wonder. Sometimes...
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    A First-Aid Kit of Prayers

    In his book The Church of Mercy, Pope Francis writes, “How many difficulties are present in the life of every individual, among our people,...
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    Getting Outside for Prayer

    One of my favorite poems is Wendell Berry’s “The Peace of Wild Things.” The poet speaks of retreating into the world of nature when...