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    The Mystery of the Incarnation overcomes the problem of distance. Without the Incarnation, without the Word of God becoming fully human, God will never...
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    Nothing Human Is Merely Human

    The Ignatian ideal is that now we can recall and relive an experience of “union and familiarity” with God that uplifts and sustains us...
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    Listening as a Spiritual Practice

    “Try to increase the amount of listening you do each day,” suggests Spiritual Practices for the Brain author Anne Kertz Kernion in this brief...
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    Living with Unexpected Change

    “Living with unexpected change” describes the life of just about everybody I know. A marriage hits hard times thanks to extended illness or unemployment....
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    What Would You Ask God?

    My 11-year-old son asks the best questions. He can get a conversation going in any situation. I overheard a lively discussion at the playground...
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    Six Characteristics of Ignatian Courage

    In response to a college admission essay prompt of, “What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?” one high school senior used...
    God in the Ordinary Bingo Cards

    God in the Ordinary Bingo

    Where have you experienced God in the ordinary moments of life? William A. Barry, SJ, explored that question in his book, Experiencing God in...
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    Hope for 2021 and the Love of God

    What is your hope for 2021? Maybe it’s that life will go back to normal. Maybe your hope is to return to an “in-person” life....
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    How Someone Who Trusts in God Acts

    If I trust God, how will that affect my behavior? That depends on what I trust God to do or be. If my expectation is...
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    Reviving Anticipation

    I have a problem with chips and salsa. During the six months that my children and I were home together all day, every day, I...