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    leaf in fog suggesting hope - photo by Pinakeen Bhatt on Unsplash

    Hope for 2021 and the Love of God

    What is your hope for 2021? Maybe it’s that life will go back to normal. Maybe your hope is to return to an “in-person” life....
    open hands evoking trust

    How Someone Who Trusts in God Acts

    If I trust God, how will that affect my behavior? That depends on what I trust God to do or be. If my expectation is...
    tortilla chips and salsa - image by adamlot from Pixabay

    Reviving Anticipation

    I have a problem with chips and salsa. During the six months that my children and I were home together all day, every day, I...
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    Nurturing Gratitude

    “Nurturing gratitude makes us happy,” says Spiritual Practices for the Brain author Anne Kertz Kernion in this brief video on gratitude. How do you...
    2021: A Book of Grace-Filled Days by Jane Knuth - book cover and author photo


    Remembering what my own eyes have seen is a practice in gratefulness. My own eyes have seen good people beyond counting and blessings without...
    man with glasses listening

    Elements of Hope

    What might an Ignatian approach to hope look like, especially in days that may feel turbulent? Ignatian hope is at root a Christian hope:...
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    Remember Other Pilgrims

    You’re not the only pilgrim on this path. So, when toils and troubles become overwhelming, find a spot at the roadside, and sit for...
    anchor - photo by Kovah on Unsplash

    Anchor into Hope

    My grandmother reminded me often, “One thing we can always count on in life is change.” As a child, I never quite understood what...
    God's Wonderful Word coloring page

    Coloring as Prayer

    Today is National Coloring Day, so it’s a good day to try a bit of creativity in prayer. Download a beautiful page from God’s...

    World Filled with Change

    Father, you have created a world filled with change, and each blessing that you give in this world remains only for a while. At...