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    peace dove sculpture

    Peace and Justice

    In these troubled days, here are a few resources to assist prayer and reflection on themes of peace and justice. Justice in the Spiritual...
    7 Spiritual Strategies for a Time of Pandemic - text next to man holding cell phone

    Seven Spiritual Strategies for a Time of Pandemic

    1. Pray. God is listening. I firmly believe that God is with us, as close as we are to ourselves, and even closer. When I...
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    Wonderful People

    If you follow Jesus of Nazareth, then you will come to know others who follow him. This means that a lot of wonderful people...
    St. Ignatius with AMDG in book

    If You Are Looking for God, God Will Find You

    I happen to believe that “if you are looking for God, God will find you.” Ignatius of Loyola or Mother Teresa would have likewise...
    Small Changes for a Big Year - text next to confetti

    Three Small Changes for a Big Year

    Editor’s note: This week we’ve invited our dotMagis bloggers to reflect on small changes for a big year. Once a year from grade school all...
    Mount of Beatitudes - image by Stephanie Gottschalk from Pixabay

    Reflecting on the Beatitudes

    On All Saints Day, the Gospel reading is Matthew 5:1–12, the Beatitudes. That makes it a good day to review some reflections our dotMagis...
    images of the 5 senses

    Physical Senses and Prayer

    Prayer is a spiritual activity—isn’t it? It happens in mind, heart, soul, spirit . . . And yet, I’m in my body when I’m praying....
    sand running through fingers - photo by Forrest Cavale on Unsplash

    Mystery and Imagination

    Indeed, the past is present in us now. All of us in our identity are constituted by all the experiences we have ever had....
    mystery - Northern Lights - photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

    Finding Infinity Within

    What makes us human is precisely our experience of the infinite, the fact that we are never satisfied. We are the subjects of unlimited...
    creativity in art projects

    Creativity and the Ignatian Spirit

    Years before I’d ever heard of St. Ignatius Loyola and his Spiritual Exercises, I was learning spiritual principles through creative writing. I had been...