Childhood Joy

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What did you enjoy when you were a child? Are you involved, in any way, with this joy today? Could you make some room for this deep-down joy?

Enjoy this video excerpt from my Small Simple Ways: An Ignatian Daybook for Healthy Spiritual Living.


  1. Nice video. Thanks Vinita. I still keep doing and enjoying what I used to do as a child. Mental and physical reflexes get the necessary boost and memory gets sharpened. It’s wonderful.

  2. Thank you marion for your kind words. Thank you Vinta for your inspired words. My daughter was approved to write her thesis. True Joy!

  3. As a young child, my mother would take us one at a time in her bedroom to look thru a discount catalog for gifts for each other that she would order for Christmas and keep under her bed til Christmas Day
    . It was so hard keeping a secret of all the fun, inexpensive goodies we wanted for each other. Today, I remember that fun, and with my daughters we pick out small gifts for the homeless in our community and have fun putting together back packs of socks, hats, gloves, medals, and small tasty treats to fill their bags. Can’t wait. So much fun!

  4. Vinta-
    Loved today’s video message! So very timely!
    Recently in my morning prayer a similar question arose about Joy. The last couple evenings as I sat with my spouse and daughter at our dinner table, I asked each of us what Joyful moment occurred during the day? It is a Spirit inspired question you have posed and it reminds me that to be a Christian is to live in hope and true Joy.
    This very day my daughter will meet with the doctoral council to have her doctoral thesis regarding the Holy Trinity and contemporary feminist theological thought. She has spent 10 years preparing for the 2 minutes she will be given to inspire the committee. I will share your post to bring her the authentic Joy of earlier years. Many thanks!


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