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    quiet plants

    Ignatian Quietude

    Ignatian spirituality is very action-oriented. We name desires. We engage our senses in prayer. We respond to the Call of the King. We converse...
    recipe book with article title, "Three Ingredients in a Recipe for Gratitude"

    Three Ingredients in a Recipe for Gratitude

    So many times a day we say “thank you” out of nothing more than common courtesy at best or, at worst, out of habit,...
    dust storm approaching Stratford, Texas, 1935 [PD]

    The Dust Storm in Prayer

    Have you ever felt like you are caught in a dust storm in prayer, where there is so much swirling around you that you...
    Heinrich Hofmann, "Christ and the Rich Young Ruler" public domain via Wikipedia

    The Rich Young Man and the Look of Love

    This story is inspired by Mark 10:17–22, Jesus and the rich man.I had to walk away. Was he kidding? No way could I give...

    The Truth of My Life

    In my daily Examen, I often ask God to simply show me “the truth of my life.” I hope to be able to see...
    Find Your Inner Iggy

    Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola

    Today is the Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola. Thank you for celebrating with us all month through 31 Days with St. Ignatius. Today’s link...
    man showing burnout, anguish, and pain - hands over face

    Consolation Isn’t Easy

    Ever have a gut-wrenching day? Not just a hard day, but a day when you felt like there was nothing left inside of you...
    man balancing on sign - 5 Tips for Discerning Balance in a Busy Life

    Five Tips for Discerning Balance in a Busy Life

    This past summer I have spent time in prayer, discerning how to find better balance in my busy life as a mother, wife, teacher,...
    dance steps

    Dancing and My Limits

    Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of finding God in everything is how we find God in human limits, whether in others or...
    soccer ball

    Ignatius and the World Cup

    As the World Cup continues to draw international attention, we might stop to ponder how God works for our good in all things, even...