Pope’s Three Steps to Ensure Joy

As we close the year 2014, we are still celebrating the Christmas season. Earlier this month, Pope Francis in a parish visit shared three steps to ensure joy at Christmastime.

The Pontiff went on to explain three ways to have joy. The first, he said, is to pray, noting: “To have this joy in preparation for Christmas, first, pray: ‘Lord, may I live this Christmas with true joy.’ Not with the joy of consumerism which brings us to Dec. 24 full of anguish because ‘ah, I’m lacking this, I’m lacking that…’ No, this isn’t God’s joy. Pray.”
Second, he said, is render thanks to the Lord for the good things he has given us.
Third, he continued, is to think “how I can go to others, to those who have difficulties, problems” and “where I can go to bring some relief, peace to those who suffer.”

In addition to making for a joyful Christmas, perhaps those steps might inspire some New Year’s resolutions that will last.

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