Shhh . . . God Is in the Silence

Loyola Press has just published the children’s book, Shhh . . . God Is in the Silence, by Fiona Basile and illustrated by Alice Mount. It is designed to help children stop and listen for God’s voice in their hearts. When they do, they hear phrases such as: “You are precious.” “There is no one else like you.” “I created you.” “You are my child.” The subtitle of the book is “A story for all […]

Six Ways to Let Children Lead Us in Finding God

As adults, we’re quite accomplished at making things complicated. Prayer, for example. Or, finding God in all things. We can turn a simple concept of paying attention into a theological puzzle, can’t we? Fortunately, God designed humans to start out small and grow up gradually. So the world is never populated only by adults. We have children to balance our adult-ness, which is a great blessing. Do you want to find God in all things […]

Babies as a Prayer Trigger

Grace Mazza Urbanski is the Director of Children’s Ministry for the U.S. National Office of the Apostleship of Prayer, and she finds that noisy children can be a trigger to prayer. When praying the Spiritual Exercises in daily life, she imagined herself as a baby. After all those weeks of praying as an infant in the arms of my loving Father, the cries of babies resonate somewhere deep within. Pavlov would be proud to observe […]

Going to the Movies with God

The Apostleship of Prayer uses the idea of a trip to the movies to explain the Examen to children in this fun presentation. For more on praying the Examen with children, see the article of that name by Becky Eldredge.


The third installment of Tim and Sue Muldoon’s series on “Why Children Need Ignatian Spirituality” is about the power of stories. Ignatius wanted people to use all their senses when contemplating the gospels. Stories are a powerful way for children to do this. Don’t just teach forgiveness; tell the story of the Lost Son and then practice forgiveness—really practice it—at home. Take time when they are calm, teach the meaning of saying “I forgive you” (instead of […]

Praying the Examen with Children

School is back in full-swing in Texas! Every year when school starts, I find myself setting goals that I want to work on as a mom and that we want to work on as a family. One of mine this year is continuing to teach our children various prayers within our Catholic faith. My hope is that they each have a full repertoire of prayer methods to lean on as they grow up and hopefully […]

Children and the Examen

Tim and Sue Muldoon write about using the examen as a way of cultivating children’s spiritual lives: Why is it that dinner conversations frequently involve talking to our loved ones about what happened during the day? What is it about talking about past experiences that helps us form bonds of relationships? On some level all of us intuit a basic point: there is something about memory that is distinctive about the way we make sense […]

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Tim and Sue Muldoon think that Ignatian-style imaginative reflection is good for children too. When parents or other adults invite children to use their imagination, they are not only stimulating their cognitive capacities; they are also giving their children a way of contrasting various possibilities for their lives. What desires, hopes, or fears emerge in their imagination? How do they relate to other children, adults, or fantasy figures, and how do those relationships impact the […]