Waiting for the Spirit Online Retreat Day Four

Waiting for the Spirit: Ascension to Pentecost Retreat - text next to image of disciples at Pentecost

Welcome again to Waiting for the Spirit, as we walk together from Ascension to Pentecost. Feel free to post your reflections in the comments area below each day’s content as we encourage one another in prayer.

The Grace I Seek

I pray for the grace to recognize the Holy Spirit’s presence in my life.

Come, Holy Spirit Prayer


Read today’s Scripture readings: May 25, 2020, Monday of the Seventh Week of Easter.

Marina McCoy reflects on today’s Gospel, John 16:29–33.

For Further Reflection

Vinita Wright invites us to wait for the Spirit to speak to our hearts, so we understand how to navigate the trouble Jesus predicted we’d face.

Take some time to ponder the message that God shares with you today through the Scripture readings and reflections. When you are ready, proceed to the closing prayer.

Closing Prayer

A Prayer for Rest

by Vinita Wright

God who created us,
you instructed us to make regular Sabbath time.
I have to believe that, beyond the one day every week,
you desire our rest at other times and in other ways.

You know how weary we become from work,
from conflicts and trials,
from many tasks and relationships.
You know how a short season of rest can renew us deeply
for weeks to come.

Show me how tired I am, and when and why.
Open my mind and heart to recognize my need.
Show me opportunities for moments of rest and peace,
for days of regrouping and renewing.

Indeed, I can enjoy profound rest
only when I reside in your presence,
which brings newness, life, and peace.



  1. God has neverending compassion for us and this shows because he never gives up on us but waits for the moment for us to come back. And as the prayer ends:

    Indeed, I can enjoy profound rest
    only when I reside in your presence,
    which brings newness, life, and peace.

    How embraced I feel whenever I rest in God’s loving compassion

  2. Lord, please make me aware that I am not alone. That you are with me especially in this time of uncertainty. let me hold on to you and put my trust in you.

  3. Abundant thanks for this retreat. I appreciate the recognition of the Holy Spirit, who manifests God’s continuing presence in our lives, our relationships, our nation, our globe. The Spirit’s transcendent and transformational power is omnipresent: it is inside of us and all around us. We simply need to recognize God’s presence in our lives, and pray for guidance, wisdom and knowledge as we walk the path of our lives. Keeping our faith that the Holy Spirit can transform our sinful natures, and evoke goodness in our relationships, forgiveness, healing and the wondrous energy that it releases. Then we can share our bread with the hungry, shelter the homeless and oppressed, clothe the naked when we see them, and not turn our backs on our own. (Isaiah 58:7-9).

  4. TY for reflecting John 16 :29-33. The words of Jesus in line 33 are so true and relevant especially at this time of the pandemic. Marina the words in your reflection are so assuring n comforting . God bless!

  5. I really liked your reflections, they inspired me and remind me of Gods unconditional and loving ways. Jesus came to Earth as a human and then returned to his father. The same will happen with us, what a true reality, our Father will be waiting for us with open arms. Very grateful for your thoughts !!! ❤️

  6. Thank you. The closing prayer was really relevant for me. I had just previously pondered that I have not relied enough on God while busy teaching and vowed to turn my face to him over the summer break. Then this prayer stated it. God does know our heart’s desire. Thank you for this retreat and thank you to all who share in the comments.

  7. Thanks a lot of to Marina and vinita for a very spiritual passages and explaining how we apply it to our everyday s life we ate not alone despite if isolation.we are united in prayers for praying to one another feeling the presence of Jesus in our life.It reminds me on how I start my walking in the neighborhood alone while praying the rosary.Life is good .We can overcome any of these trials because Gos is always on our side.God Bkess zus All

  8. Thanks for providing these daily reflections with such a nice variety of lay and religious speakers. My community has always appreciated Jesuits as teachers and spiritual leaders.

  9. Loved Barbara Lee reflecting on the “upper Room”. Could hear every word as she spoke slowly and with great insight regarding the group gathered there, Loved it, thank you.

  10. The beauty of Jesus’ words are profound for He shows us the experience of being in communion with God fully.
    I thank the speakers for delving into these passages with wisdom and understanding
    I pray that we will have courage and hope to bear our burdens and to bless others who need our help in this time of uncertainty
    In the name of Jesus Amen

  11. I loved “Show me how tired I am, and when and why”. I am a work horse. I keep going and going and do not know why I don’t feel that it is necessary to stop, be refreshed and recover. Of course while I am going about the day pushing myself, I do not take time to think about the most important things that are all around me – the beauty of the day, my family and my Lord. Thank you Vinita and Marina for the reminder.

  12. Marina: Thanks for your reflection. The idea of asking God — and then TRUSTING that God will hear you — was a powerful reminder for me this morning. Knowing God is different than trusting God, and to live both with authenticity means, for me, to live in love as best I can. Also, being grateful for Zoom chats.

    Vinita: A great reminder about the “the spiritual courage that comes from walking with Jesus.” Your encouragement for us to stick with Jesus and the Holy Spirit through the “troubles” was much needed. Loved the closing prayer as well.

  13. We hope because we are loved. We deeply trust in Him who loves us greatly.

    Hopeful, that one day, like the Israelites who took a long journey, we will be able to safely reach the other side while the Lord divide the waters for us to pass through.

    Come Holy Spirit, come🙏

    Marina and Vinita thank you so much for the beautiful reflections and prayers. May the Lord bless you more 👼


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