Guide to Making Good Decisions

The Irish Jesuits are offering some Jesuit wisdom on making good decisions. Their free eight-step guide will be delivered via e-mails over the course of a month. Featuring short videos with Michael Paul Gallagher, SJ, the series begins by considering dreams: Are you willing to dream big, to let yourself be inspired to respond to the challenges of our day? Few people are called to be another Martin Luther King or Ignatius Loyola, but all […]

Making Good Decisions

Ignatian spirituality can help you in making good decisions. St. Ignatius Loyola’s approach to decision making combines keen psychological observation with acute spiritual insight. It has had a great impact over the centuries. An Approach to Good Choices Spiritual Direction Discernment of Spirits Vocations

Decision Making

We are constantly making decisions, every day, all day: what to eat for breakfast, what to wear, whether to add an umbrella to all the things we have to carry, how to prioritize the day’s activities, whether to start the day with exercise or catch an extra half-hour of sleep, whether to keep waiting for that overdue bus or flag down a taxi. The decisions may be different based on the kind of work we […]

Making Room This Advent

My father recently moved in with us, and it’s been a time of great squishing. Making the journey to our home, we all squished, with all of his belongings, into a rented minivan. We then proceeded to squish everything into our home. It has been a little hard to move around all the stuff. Our house has been feeling markedly like a sardine can. And so, the great purge of every nook and cranny of […]

Find Your Inner Iggy: Decision Making

By Fr. Matt Malone, SJ If there is one thing I should know how to do after 10 years of Jesuit training, it’s this: make a decision. St. Ignatius’s ideal of a Jesuit is “a contemplative in action,” meaning that a Jesuit is a man of prayer, but his place is not in a monastic cell but rather in the center of activity, at the heart of the world. That means not only knowing how […]

Desires, Discernment, and Decisions

Several months ago two Jesuits and I published a book about an Ignatian approach to making decisions–What’s Your Decision?  How to Make Choices with Confidence and Clarity.  I was delighted to read a blog post yesterday by a woman who found it helpful.  Michele Campbell’s post includes a fine five-point summary of the decision-making process: 1) God is pretty cool and s/he created us. 2) God has a desire (or will) for each of us […]

Ignatian Decision Making

I’m proud to announce the publication of What’s Your Decision? How to Make Choices with Confidence and Clarity.  This is a book about using Ignatian principles to make decisions.  I co-wrote it with two Jesuits,  Michael Sparough from Chicago and Tim Hipskind from Cincinnati. The basis of the book is a workshop on decision making that Michael and Tim developed for young adults.  The book pays a lot of attention to marriage, career, schooling and […]

The Making of a Jesuit

Before Becoming a Jesuit”¦ A man hears the call within his heart. Jesuits look for men who feel called by God and who also possess”¦ a deep personal love for Jesus Christ. a habit of prayer which develops into action. sufficient self-knowledge. good religious practice. an intellectual capability. a sense of sociability and availability. some familiarity with Jesuits. good physical health. a history of service and concern for the poor. the joy to live a […]

Three Circumstances for Making a Decision

Ignatius thought that decisions were made in three circumstances. When there is no doubt. Sometimes the right decision is unmistakably clear. We know what the right choice is. This knowledge is a gift from God. All we need do is act on what we know to be the right direction. Often this takes some time. We put off acting on what we know we should do. When feelings are unsettled. Sometimes our emotions are in […]

An Ignatian Framework for Making a Decision

11 Steps for Making a Decision Following the Ignatian Method 1. Identify the decision to be made or the issue to be resolved. The issue should be practical—about doing or not doing something. It has to be real; that is, there really is a decision to be made—a question about whether you should or should not do something. It must be an issue about which you have the right to make the decision. You must have […]

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