Jesus Had Friends

In his video series, 10 Things to Know about Jesus, James Martin, SJ, reminds us that Jesus had friends. That’s something to keep in mind when we pray to Jesus as our friend. If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through to watch the video Jesus Had Friends.

How the Pope Would Like to Be Remembered

In a recent interview with a Spanish newspaper, Pope Francis talked about world economic systems and other topics, including his leadership priorities. “I don’t have any personal agenda that I carried in under my arm, simply because I never thought they were going to leave me here, in the Vatican,” he said. “What I am doing is carrying out” the recommendations made by cardinals prior to the March 2013 conclave. Among those recommendations, the pope […]

Happy Anniversary, Pope Francis

The election of Pope Francis was one year ago tomorrow. In honor of this anniversary, Chris Lowney is embarking on a blog tour to discuss his book Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads. His first stop is Quantum Theology, hosted by Michelle Francl-Donnay. See the full tour schedule here. Last March, Lowney shared some thoughts on the election of the first Jesuit pope and how his Jesuit formation might help him in his […]

Daniel Harrington, RIP

Daniel J. Harrington, SJ, died last week after a battle with cancer. The New Testament scholar was a professor at Boston College and author of many books, including Meeting St. Matthew Today and Meeting St. Paul Today. Read his thoughts on Ignatian imagination in a post he contributed to dotMagis. May he rest in peace.

Snow Art and Indifference

As many of us deal with the effects of snow and frigid temperatures, here’s a video of British artist Simon Beck’s snow art to help us appreciate the beauty of the season. Beck’s canvas is ever-changing with the winds, so that he often wakes up in the morning to see the previous day’s art blown away. But it’s a lesson in Ignatian indifference, acknowledging that the meticulous work of one day has to start anew […]

The Pope on Christmas

Pope Francis has given another must-read interview, this one with the Italian newspaper La Stampa.  A couple of comments particularly struck me.  One: “reform always begins with spiritual and pastoral initiatives before structural changes.”  Another: “We must try to facilitate people’s faith, rather than control it.”  Nothing shows the Ignatian heart of Francis’s ministry more clearly than this relentless focus on spiritual conversion. Asked “What does Christmas say to people today?” he replied: It speaks of […]

A Dazzling Art Gallery

America magazine has published a wonderful slideshow of contemporary Catholic art by women in its online edition. It features 21 works–paintings, icons, drawings, sculpture–in different styles. It was curated by assistant editor Ashley McKinless. The art show supports the current issue of the magazine on “Women in the Life of the Church.” The editors point to something Pope Francis said in his famous interview: Pope Francis expressed his conviction that it is “necessary to broaden the […]

An Atheist in Awe

Ryan Duns, SJ, has a couple of interesting posts about the recent televised exchange between Oprah Winfrey and the swimmer Diana Nyad about atheism and awe. Nyad, an atheist, said she experiences awe: “I can stand at the beach’s edge with the most devout Christian, Jew, Buddhist…go on down the line, and weep with the beauty of this universe and be moved by all of humanity…all the billions of people who have lived before us, […]

“Who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio?”

“Who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio?” the interviewer asked.  “I am a sinner,” the pope replied.  “It is not a figure of speech, a literary genre. I am a sinner.”  So begins the famous interview with Pope Francis, surely the deepest look into the mind of a pope that the church has ever seen. Pope Francis’s thinking is drenched in Ignatian spirituality.  To learn about discernment, about finding God in all things, about gratitude and hope, […]

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