Doing Too Much

Sports columnist Joe Posnanski on West Virginia basketball coach Bob Huggins:

And then there’s his belief that the worst thing a player can do is try to do too much. Watch Huggins on the sideline — it’s this that sets him off more than anything. If a player lunges for a steal and doesn’t get there — he leaves his team facing five on four. If a player jumps too early to block a shot, he sets himself up for a foul or to be out of position, again leaving his team at a disadvantage. If a player tries to take on two defenders, he is betraying his four teammates and particularly the one who is open. And so on.

“Why is that the worst thing?” I asked him.

“Because it’s selfish,” he said.

“It’s selfish to try too hard?” I asked.

“You don’t get it,” he said, and he shook his head because for decades now he has been thinking about this. “People who try to do too much are taking the easy way out.”


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