Holding Baby Jesus

mother holding baby“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14).

That one sentence took on a whole new meaning for me when I experienced the Spiritual Exercises. Sadly lacking in imagination, I found myself struggling greatly with contemplation, and I was dragging our poor director along with me to the point that I thought he was going to “excuse” me from the Exercises altogether. Nearing Christmas, he had me discard all previous attempts and follow this one simple instruction instead: “Just spend some time holding baby Jesus.” That was supposed to be easier? I expected the experience to be as fruitless and frustrating as my prior attempts at contemplation to that point. But I trudged on, and I am so glad I did.

By the grace of God, I did manage to hold baby Jesus in my next attempt at contemplation. In holding that sweet, sleeping babe in my arms that night, I started to appreciate the humanity of Jesus. Babies have a way of making us feel peaceful, protective, and completely in love. There Jesus lay in my arms fully divine, but fully human, too. Just like any other baby, I could smell that lovely baby smell, marvel at his tiny hands, and count his tiny baby toes. This baby in my arms was completely dependent; he got hungry, tired, or just needed to be held. Dependent, needing, tiny—those are not qualities I had ever really associated with the divine and thus never appreciated in Jesus.

As I held baby Jesus I realized that I could no longer dismiss the trials and pains in his life as being “maybe not quite so awful” because he was fully divine. Fully human is not overtaken by being fully divine. Just as Jesus fully experienced the dependence of being a baby, he experienced every human moment of his life. As we continued to journey together through the Exercises, I began to understand that Jesus had experienced many things in life that I too have experienced. Jesus was loved by his family, he lost loved ones, he was tempted, he traveled, friends betrayed him, and he suffered. Jesus can relate to us on a human level, because he’s been there.

Jesus put on skin for me that night in my arms, and that changed me. This Christmas season, I encourage you to do as my director instructed and spend some time just holding baby Jesus. You can’t help but fall completely in love when you hold him in your arms.


  1. I dreamt I was carrying baby Jesus in my arms all night – this beautiful cuddly baby and that I was protecting Him, as I was running from house to house looking for safety for Him and I. It was beautiful to think that I was offering Him protection, instead of always the other way around. The meaning of the dream is beautiful and I all of a sudden feel so positive in my outlook on life. I love Him and prayer is definitely very powerful. Fully understood what Cara was saying. Many thanks

  2. Imagination? Glad to read here that imagination can be rediscovered! What has started to help me is googling images and then mentally placing myself in the image.

  3. I too was sadly lacking in imagination, and thought something was wrong with me. The SE helped me realize I had tucked it away, and I am slowly rediscovering it.
    Glad you had such a beautiful experience!

  4. I wonder since he was totally human whether Jesus ever struggled with boredom. Boredom signals change or the call to change and he knew he had a mission so maybe he didn’t have time for boredom. But still you have to wonder how with his intelligence he could listen to some of the stuff that went around him. He had to be lonely with all of the base thinking that happened even in his own followers.


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