On the Feast of St. Francis, examen this . . .

Mr. Oatmeal

Bless Stuffed Animals

Why not?

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Meredith Gould, PhD, is the author of seven books, including The Catholic Home: Celebrations and Traditions for Holidays, Feast Days, and Every Day, Why Is There a Menorah on the Altar? Jewish Roots of Christian Worship, and The Word Made Fresh: Communicating Church and Faith Today. She serves on the team at The Virtual Abbey and founded the Twitter chat for church social media (#chsocm).


  1. the story of the Velveteen Rabbit is a beautiful story of a stuffed toy that gave much love. Dirty, ugly and torn, it was left but it i believe it was never bitter about being forgotten. thus, we can have our stuffed toys/friends blessed. i have one that is a Hush Puppy puppet that became a first degree relic when i brought it to St Therese during her visit here in Vancouver….
    i love my HP…

  2. Stuffed animals are the steadfast companions of childhood, never too busy, never in a meeting, never scolding. First friends who have been tailor made to manageable size, with ears suitable for whispering in. Indeed as they are a blessing, why should they not be blessed?

  3. In days and nights now past, our children would snuggle into bed, holding dear their soft friends. With these firmly in hand, prayers would be said and we often thanked our Heavenly Father for those bedtime companions. While inanimate to us, they are very animated and alive in the imaginations and hearts of our children, the very imaginations and hearts that are indeed, God given.
    Blessing these companions, as they journey with our children in the spaces of the night when we are parted from them physically, only seems logical in the space where imagination never rests and children feel safe with the comfort of their night time fellows.

  4. Mr. Oatmeal has a twin? All kidding aside, I see nothing wrong with blessing stuffed animals that littles bring with them. Relatively easy to turn it into a teaching moment about any number of things, love being the central theme, of course.
    Highly recommend this delightful book: Dirty Wow Wow and Other Love Stories: A Tribute to the Threadbare Companions of Childhood by Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz. My mother sent me a copy inscribed, “For Panda and Poodle of blessed memory.”

  5. Interesting – should we bless stuffed animals? They all after all the closest companions of our children. Oatmeal, (who bears a striking resemblance to the pic above) was my son’s favorite as a little guy – Oatmeal is still in the house in a special place – waiting to be shared – He is kept company by a worn and faded Tigger, stuffed friend of my husband and claimed by Adam as a toddler when visiting the grandparents. These stuffed animals have so much emotional attachment for the young that blessing them in some ways feels right. After all we bless houses, and other objects that hold less of a place in a person’s heart.


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