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    Four Things to Remember if Life Doesn’t Have You in Easter Season

    Our lives do not always align with the liturgical seasons. Easter season is upon us, but life might have us in Lent. Perhaps we...
    Dory on the Finding Nemo ride - image by Josh Hallett under CC BY 2.0

    Finding Dory, Finding My Grandmother

    The hype has started for the release of Disney-Pixar’s new movie, Finding Dory (the sequel to Finding Nemo), and it has me thinking of...
    stone cross

    Marking God’s Goodness

    Before making the big decision to move from the East Coast to the West Coast, my wife Sarah and I prayed with the story...
    brain and senses

    God Speaks in a Thousand Languages

    In the Igniting Our Values Jesuit pilgrimage for Lent, Jack Bentz, SJ, reflects on Our Lady of Aranzazu and writes: St. Ignatius was a truster....
    woman enjoying hot chocolate

    From Secular to Sacred: Find God in All Things

    Want to know a secret to transforming secular happenings into sacred events? Learn to “find God in all things.” For the person of faith, everything...

    God in Math Worksheets

    Ginny Kubitz Moyer learned a lesson in finding God when she helped her son with his math homework. She concludes: But St. Ignatius believed you...
    Finding God in All Things - text overlaid on heart

    God in the Ordinary Moments

    We talk often on this blog about finding God in all things; it’s a basic tenet of Ignatian spirituality. Here’s a reminder that “in...
    God was there - ambulance

    Finding God When My Son Was Hurt

    It’s a sound no parent wants to hear: the thunk of a five-year-old forehead hitting wood. My son was taking a running leap into...

    Find Your Inner Iggy: In All Things

    By James Martin, SJ There’s an old Italian saying: “Three Jesuits, four opinions!” In other words, Jesuits don’t always agree on everything. But if you asked...

    Finding God in the Chemistry Lab

    I remember standing in an organometallic chemistry laboratory in Cape Town, South Africa. I was dressed in a white lab coat and safety glasses...