Resurrection and Living Forever

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When Jesus rose from the dead, he proved that God intends that we shall live forever as we are. So explains Fr. Joseph Tetlow, SJ, in addressing the question, “How can we consider Jesus’ experience of rising from the dead?”

Learn more in Fr. Joe’s book, Considering Jesus: The Human Experience of the Redeemer.


  1. Fr Joe your sharing throughout this lent have inspired me very much . Thanks for giving so much of yourself and your keen wisdom for over 70 years .God bless you . I hope to see you in the next year for a coffee visit .

  2. “Dying you destroyed our death; Rising you restored our life; Lord Jesus come in Glory” – Thanks Fr Joe Tetlow and Denise Gorss for this marvelous meditation on the Resurrection of the Body and life everlasting.

  3. Please send the text so I can read it. I like to re-read passages. And I have been reading to my sister who has been very ill. She has enjoyed it so much! I do not need a video. I’d rather read… maybe because I was born in 1940! We listened in those days. Thank you.

    • Dear Joan,

      Thank you for your feedback. There is not a transcript for this video available. We try to include a mix of video and written content to appeal to a variety of audiences.

      Denise Gorss Editor


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