The Power of a Book

Here is a fascinating conversion story by a blogger named Webster Bull.  The decisive moment in his spiritual journey came when he wandered into Borders and picked up a copy of My Life with the Saints by Jim Martin, SJ, the bestselling memoir about the author’s personal attachment to 24 saints.

I began attending mass the morning after I bought the books, by which time the fire in my heart had burned away any trace of hangover. The following week, while continuing to attend mass each day, I called the rectory of the Beverly church, St. Mary Star of the Sea, and asked about adult confirmation (RCIA) classes. . . .  I was ignorant about almost everything Catholic. I did not know what the Eucharist is. I did not understand the Catholic devotion to Mary. I could not defend a single Catholic position on social issues. I knew only that becoming a Catholic was everything I wanted and that the saints were the reason why.


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