St. Ignatius Loyola

Rosemary DeJulio of Fordham University talks about the significance of women in St. Ignatius’s life and what modern women can take from his legacy in this 16-minute video. If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through to watch the video The Women in St. Ignatius’s Life. Join in 31 Days with St. Ignatius by reading […]


Find Your Inner Iggy is back! For the final week of Ignatian celebration this July, we’re recalling milestones from St. Ignatius’s life and exploring our own spirituality some 500 years later. Find out how contributors like Kerry Weber, Paddy Gilger, SJ, and Pope Francis have had similar experiences to St. Ignatius. Then share your moments […]

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This past week or so I’ve been following a group of Australian pilgrims as they walk the Ignatian Camino, a 340-mile pilgrimage route in northeastern Spain that starts in the town of Loyola and ends at Manresa. It’s the route that Ignatius traveled after his conversion. A group of Jesuits and laypeople established the route […]


Vinita Wright and I chat about what surprised us in the life of St. Ignatius. Now it’s your turn. What surprises you about St. Ignatius or his namesake spirituality?


The second annual Find Your Inner Iggy celebration starts today and runs through July 31, the feast of St. Ignatius.  Go to  and answer daily questions about how you find God.  Get creative and share on Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and Facebook, using the hashtag #FindIggy.  Every day, Loyola Press will pick three of the best photos, […]


Today is the first day of July, the month of St. Ignatius, when we will celebrate all things Ignatian here at dotMagis and throughout Loyola Press. We’ve set up a web page with links to material for every day of the month. We will also have guest bloggers throughout the month. Get started today by […]

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Here is Ignatius, the keen psychologist, putting his finger on a problem I know well. We should never postpone a good work, no matter how small it may be, with the thought of later doing something greater. It is a very common temptation of the enemy to be always placing before us the perfection of things […]


St. Ignatius was one of the most prolific letter writers in history; he wrote more than 6,800 letters to friends,  Jesuits, church officials, supporters, acquaintances, and ordinary people who asked for advice. In his honor, we’ve made special Iggy stationery you can download here. April is National Letter Writing month. So download some paper, shut down […]


America magazine has republished a classic article by the late Cardinal Avery Dulles, SJ, that makes an intriguing argument. Dulles says that two tendencies are poised in tension in the spirituality of Ignatius: “between immediacy and mediation, between personal freedom and obedience, between universalism and ecclesiocentrism, between horizontal openness to the world and reverence for […]

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At the heart of what can seem like frenetic activity was an intimate relationship with God, which Ignatius often found difficult to put into words. His private journals show minuscule notations crowded beside his entries for daily Mass. As scholars have concluded, these indicate, among other things, those times when he wept during Mass, overwhelmed […]