Charis Ministries Retreats

Charis Ministries, an Ignatian group focused on people in their 20s and 30s, has announced its schedule of retreats through the spring. Cities include New York, Chicago, Washington, and San Diego. Find the schedule here. Chicago-based Charis has extended its retreat ministry to 35 dioceses, parishes, and other partners throughout the U.S.

Online Exercises Start this Week

Most people who make the Spiritual Exercises these days do them over the course of six or seven months. This “retreat in daily life” involves daily prayer and reflection while you are doing all the the things you usually do. It’s sometimes called a “nineteenth annotation” retreat because Ignatius’s provision for this kind of retreat was the nineteenth item on a list of instructions he gave to spiritual directors. This is how I made the […]

Sitting in Silence

What would you hear if you sat in silence? That’s the question that Margaret Felice considers in the below video. This reflection originally appeared as the post “Listening to Silence” on Margaret’s blog, Felice mi fa.

The Gift of Retreats

Retreats hold a special place in my heart. As a junior high student, I enjoyed the high energy retreats of my Catholic elementary school that fired me up about my faith. As a high school student, retreats moved from an external experience that created a short-lived high to an internal experience that created longer-lasting impact on my relationship with God. It was the more contemplative retreats of my high school years that fueled my passion […]

Make an E-Retreat

If you can’t get away for a retreat this summer, you might do an E-Retreat with popular writer Jim Martin, SJ. Jim and his publisher have put together an e-book Together on Retreat which combines the traditional text of a prayer book with video, audio, and photography.  The author describes Ignatian contemplation and lectio divina, offers three passages from the New Testament for prayer, and shows videos and audios of the Holy Land.  The book is available […]

One Woman’s Retreat Experience

Karen Beattie participated in an Ignatian retreat at a difficult point in her life. She writes: I knew this was where I belonged that weekend. I sank down in the folding chair, and my body seemed to let go of all the stress I had been feeling for months. As candles burned on the tables and the moonlight shone through the windows, forming blue rectangles on the carpet, we heard stories. Stories of people who […]

The Pope and Retreat

Reflecting on Pope Benedict’s resignation, what’s interesting to me is that the pope’s last day comes shortly after his annual Lenten retreat. What perfect timing! I am reminded of Jesus retreating to the desert. Shortly after he emerged from his 40 days alone with God, he began his public ministry, a transition to a new period of life. In the same way, Pope Benedict’s retreat was time away to be with God, and just days […]

Three-Minute Retreat

On the web, unlike older forms of publishing, everything that publishers do can be measured.  Recently the web team at Loyola Press looked at the numbers and discovered that 44,000 people use our 3-Minute Retreat every day.  One retreatant said this about it: My days are so hectic. My children are eighteen (away in college), fourteen, eight, and ten months so I hardly have time for myself.  This helps me breathe and be at peace. Give […]


I entered my silent retreat in a frazzled state of exhaustion. The journey of discernment and transition for the last 18 months had zapped me completely dry. I had my doubts that four short days of silence would provide any respite. Silence, however, allows us the space, the time, and the quiet to ask, “God, what are you trying to communicate to me?” As I meandered for hours along the shore of the lake at […]

Mobile Ministry

Mount Manresa, a Jesuit retreat center on Staten Island, is closing after a century of retreat ministry.  But far from stopping this valuable work, the Jesuits are adapting to changing cultural circumstances. “Actually, we might be going back to a much older model we used to have,” explained Father Edward Quinnan, S.J., the New York province’s assistant for pastoral ministry and province representative to the Jesuit Collaborative. “It was a group of Jesuits who would […]

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