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    Spiritual Exercises

    pen and notebook - photo by Pixnio

    Writing Spiritual Autobiography as It Relates to the Spiritual Exercises, Part 1

    St. Ignatius understood the importance of reviewing one’s life when he built this practice into the Spiritual Exercises centuries ago. His emphasis was to...
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    The Contemplation on the Incarnation and Advent

    The Second Week of the Spiritual Exercises begins with a Contemplation on the Incarnation (SE 101–109). The graces we pray for with this meditation...
    harvest moon - photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

    Harvest Moon

    I have always loved the harvest moon. In my two-stoplight hometown, it was always a big event. The rising of this enormous, orange moon...
    4th week license plate - image courtesy of Lisa Kelly

    Driving in the Fourth Week

    I swore I would never get a vanity license plate. But then I did. I can’t exactly say it came from deep prayer and...
    yellow flower petals suggesting optimism - photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

    Ignatian Optimism

    I’ve always been a bit put off by people who exude positivity non-stop, the ones who only see the “bright side” or who think...
    red shoe

    The Missing Shoe: Deepening God’s Life in Me

    “Where is my stupid shoe?” I shouted at my bewildered husband. That question burst out of my mouth far more loudly than intended on a...
    concert - photo by Sebastian Ervi on Unsplash

    In Concert with Christ

    This post is based on Week Five of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. The popular hip hop artist took the stage as 15,000-plus fans cheered. He...
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    A School of Discipleship

    The Second Week is a school of discipleship. In discipleship you enter into a relationship that leads you deeply into the sentiments, thoughts,...
    woman sitting outdoors beholding the light

    Confronting a 2,000-Year-Old Challenge

    Recently I came across one of my favorite passages in the Gospel of Mark, the Parable of the Rich Young Man. In Mark 10:21,...
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    Three Kinds of People

    St. Ignatius described three kinds of people: the postponer, the compromiser, and the free person. The postponer may have a vague interest in a...