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    Michael Sparough, SJ, at the foot of the crucifix - video screenshot

    Were You There?

    To help us when contemplating the Passion of Christ, St. Ignatius Loyola “invites us to enter into this scene imaginatively, to place ourselves in...
    girl sitting alone in school hallway

    How We Do Life with One Another

    Pope Francis addressed the problem of bullying, asking youth to promise they will not bully or mock anyone. “‘Bullying is an aggression that conceals...
    Fr. Michael Sparough, SJ - Examen video

    Dare to Look Inside Yourself

    Fr. Michael Sparough, SJ, suggests the Examen as a tool to help us in daring to look inside ourselves. In explaining the steps of...
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    God Is Speaking to Us

    How are you prepared to listen to God and hear God speaking? This brief video offers some encouragement in communicating with God.
    Bethlehem Bound screenshot - Michael Sparough, SJ

    Bethlehem Bound

    We’re almost at Christmas. This video from Heart to Heart Ministry features Fr. Michael Sparough, SJ, inviting us to be Bethlehem Bound. Sparough says,...
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    Instructions for a Bad Day

    “If you believe with absolute honesty that you’re doing everything you can—do more. There will be bad days…” says Shane Koyczan in his poem...
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    The Cave of St. Ignatius

    The Jesuits of Catalunya produced a 11-minute video outlining the life story of St. Ignatius Loyola. What differentiates it from other videos on the...
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    What’s the Most Important Thing about Ignatian Spirituality?

    Fr. Bill Creed, founder of the Ignatian Spirituality Project, answers What’s the most important thing to know about Ignatian spirituality?If you’re receiving this via...
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    Finding God Through Art

    Artist Makoto Fujimura talks about how he came to find God through art, that which he created himself and the art and poetry of...
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    Karl Rahner, SJ, and the God-Moment

    In a TEDx talk at Fordham University, doctoral candidate Paul Schutz talks about Ignatian spirituality and mindfulness in the thought of Karl Rahner, SJ....