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    Spiritual Exercises

    Three Kinds of Humility

    Three Kinds of Humility

    St. Ignatius, like many spiritual masters over the centuries, suggested that humility was a prerequisite for the spiritual life. In his Spiritual Exercises, he...
    Contemplation to Attain the Love of God

    Contemplation to Attain the Love of God

    The Contemplation to Attain the Love of God is a kind of capstone of Ignatius’s Spiritual Exercises. Sometimes it is phrased as “The Contemplation...


    A few years ago, I was visiting a Jesuit college and speaking to an eager and enthusiastic undergraduate. Our conversation turned to the idea...
    Ignatian indifference is the capacity to let go of what doesn't help me to love God or love others--while staying engaged with what does. - quote on a blue tone background

    Ignatian Indifference

    Often, we think about freedom as freedom from interference from others, but St. Ignatius understood freedom differently. For him, human freedom is a freedom...
    bust of Marcus Aurelius

    Ancient Roots of Spiritual Exercises

    The French philosopher Pierre Hadot has studied the origins of spiritual exercises among Greek philosophers. There seems to be a straight line from Hellenistic...
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    Free at Last?

    There’s a meditation in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius called “Three Classes of People,” which is designed to help us understand our attachments....
    Kevin O'Brien, SJ and The Ignatian Adventure book cover

    The Ignatian Adventure in Oklahoma City

    On February 17, 2017, hundreds of faithful in Oklahoma participated in a spiritual enrichment day titled “The Graces of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint...
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    Feeling the Joy with Jesus

    A few years ago, a friend gave me some prints of the Laughing Jesus painting. When I saw it, I immediately started laughing. I...
    paperclips symbolizing unhealthy attachments

    What Is an Unhealthy Attachment?

    People who are familiar with St. Ignatius, the Spiritual Exercises, or Jesuit spirituality in general will sometimes use the term unhealthy attachment. What is...
    "The aim of Ignatian repetition is to personalize prayer." - quote on repeating pattern background

    The Purpose of Ignatian Repetition

    Howard Gray, SJ, explains why much of the prayer in the Spiritual Exercises is repetition—multiple meditations on the same subjects or Scripture passages.The repetitions...