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Yesterday we entered Advent, 2013. We highlighted several of Loyola Press’ Advent resources last week, but today is a reminder of a couple. Vinita Wright’s retreat starts today, and you can get a free eBook of her Christmas story, “August’s Farm,” by subscribing to her blog. If you’re looking for an Advent calendar, check out […]

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Advent begins on Sunday, so it’s time to think about what you might want to do this year to prepare yourself anew for Christ’s birth. Here are some online tools to consider incorporating into your prayer and reflection this season. Arts & Faith: Advent Explore sacred art during this season of hope. Weekly videos offer […]


For the past several years, Paul Campbell, SJ, has spent the week before Thanksgiving hosting a Week of Gratitude on his blog, People for Others. This year’s posts are inspired by quotations about thankfulness. Read Paul’s thoughts and join in the lively community discussion in the comments too. Do you have a favorite short quote […]


Writing is an important spiritual practice for many people (I’m one of them). If this is true for you, or if you would like it to be, consider following Vinita Wright’s online writing retreat this week on her blog Days of Deepening Friendship. Vinita is a novelist, writer, and editor who is widely acclaimed for […]

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We’ve arrived at the Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola. To mark the day, we’re sharing some of our favorite submissions from this week’s Find Your Inner Iggy celebration. The truth is that I don't always find God in prayer. I just think that in prayer God finds me and then just waits until I notice. […]


The second annual Find Your Inner Iggy celebration starts today and runs through July 31, the feast of St. Ignatius.  Go to findyourinneriggy.com  and answer daily questions about how you find God.  Get creative and share on Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and Facebook, using the hashtag #FindIggy.  Every day, Loyola Press will pick three of the best photos, […]


Today Loyola Press launches a new series called Arts and Faith, celebrating the many creative ways people use art to express their faith. The visual and performing arts invite finding God in ways beyond words, for both the artist and the audience. The series will include profiles of several Jesuits and others inspired to “set […]


Yesterday’s post by Andy Otto was the 1000th post on this blog.  I’ve always been underwhelmed by “longevity” honors.  Sticking around doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re interesting or useful.  But in the fast-changing world of cyberspace, keeping a blog going this long is something to note and maybe be at least a little proud of. […]


Earlier this week I found myself in a phone conversation with someone with over a decade of experience in  church leadership. Yes, we were on the phone talking about social media, which just underscores my perpetual point about choosing communication tools wisely and well. Among other things, she was concerned about  the questionable quality of interaction […]


Meredith, Alas, it’s time to bring our blog-alogue about social media to a close.  I think it’s been entertaining and thoroughly informative, and many followers of this blog feel the same way, judging by the many comments we’ve had to these posts.  We’re not finished with the subject by any means; you’ll be posting about […]